Jon Martin Designs Video:

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Jon Martin Designs Video:

This is where I bring together Video of Jon Martin products, performances and the few little bit's
of moving images I have created or been involved with so far.

Jon Martin Product Design Videos:

I made stop motion animations for my two temperature sensitive mug designs.
I did all the product photography, voice over, sound design etc.

I made this short video to introduce myself when attending an Alessi product design workshop in Italy.

Jon Martin Online Marketing Videos:

I made this little marketing video for a company selling nuts, dried fruit, grains, herbs
and spices in Manhattan. I worked on the concept, wrote and recorded the song, did all the filming
(when I wasn't busy with my hand up a puppet performing), and edited it:

I worked on the concept, assisted and acted in this marketing video made by Aviel Lewis for the
Belgian Tourist Office-Brussels & Wallonia for UK and Ireland (I'm the paper seller at the start):

Jon Martin Films:

I was the location scout for ''The Collector'' made in 1994, a Yoruba fable set in East London.

Jon Martin Music Videos:

In around 2000 I was making UK Garage (a form of soulful house music) as half of
Mills and Boom. Chocolate Boy Records put out ''Do you Better'' and made this video featuring
producer Lee Hubbard (Mills) and myself, vocalist Jon Martin (Boom):

In the 1990's I was making various forms of electronic dance music from experimental house
to techno and pop. In the mid to late 1990's I fronted Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim's
Pizzaman project, touring the world and performing in videos.

Sex on the streets:


Hello Honky Tonks: