About Jon Martin designs: Jon Martinís design philosophy, passion for design, and background.


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About Jon Martin Designs: Practical, beautiful, and playful products
that make peoples lives just a little funkier.

Jon Martin on Design:

I have a visceral love of design and think that design appreciation and the act of
designing is as natural as enjoying the beauty of another human being, preparing a meal
for friends or individualising and enhancing your home.

My creative journey has led me through songwriting, singing, and performing
in music videos and clubs worldwide, through travel photography and on to
product design. My eclectic background continually informs and enriches my designs.

I am a mixed race Londoner with English, Jamaican, Jewish and Lithuanian roots.
My mongrel heritage helps keep my fertile mind open, and blinds me to the barriers
that many see. Often my products have mixed/dual uses which can have space saving
and environmental benefits as well as being more fun.
Jon Martin's portrait

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